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The three largest grid operators in the Netherlands are Enexis Netbeheer, Liander and Stedin. These organisations are responsible for the management, maintenance, and expansion of the electricity grid. They are also legally obliged to connect every request for electricity from both businesses and private individuals to the electricity grid.

Current challenges

With increasing demand for electricity, ongoing construction of new business premises and homes, and sustainable initiatives, the electricity grid is overloaded. The energy transition, resulting in more electricity being consumed, is putting additional pressure on our electricity grid. The required grid extensions, such as new cables and substations, cannot keep up with demand. Currently, 6,600 businesses and many households are waiting to be connected.

Want to know more about your rights and participation?
The purpose of this website is to take stock at Enexis Netbeheer, Liander and Stedin of how many cases are involved nationwide and the extent of damage suffered in each case. Based on this inventory, it will be assessed whether a mass claim can be initiated on behalf of all victims. The aim of the mass claim is to recover the damage suffered or to establish compensation through a settlement. Read all about the current situation and find out how to sign up for an inventory. Together we are stronger!
In the news

Eneco to Dim or Turn Off Company Solar Panels Remotely

Eneco is set to remotely control the solar panels of companies with more than one hundred panels to improve the stability of the power grid, according to NU.nl. This means that Eneco can dim or switch off the panels at times when the power grid is overloaded. Companies will receive a control box that allows both them and Eneco to manage the panels.

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Article in Energeia

Pieter Huitema, a lawyer specializing in liability law and mass damage, discusses a potential mass claim against grid operators in Energeia. The claim seeks compensation for businesses and individuals who did not receive timely or any connection to the electricity grid, resulting in financial damage.

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Blog: Job Velten, Energy Law Attorney - The Electricity Grid is Full

According to the Electricity Act (hereinafter: 'E-Act' ), the grid operator is obligated to transport electricity. This obligation is stipulated in Article 24, paragraph 1 of the E-Act. However, this obligation does not apply if the grid operator reasonably has no capacity available on its grid. In recent months, there has been a significant amount of litigation on this subject, with the grid operator almost always prevailing.

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