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General questions

In the Netherlands, a grid operator must connect every request for a connection to the electricity grid within 18 weeks. If the grid operator does not comply with this, it may be liable for damages. Unfortunately, in many cases this is not met and leads to damages. An inventory indicates how many private individuals and companies suffer damage as a result. If enough applications are received, we will start a claim foundation to recover the damage from the grid operators.

The inventory concerns applications that stagnate at the three largest grid managers in the Netherlands: Enexis Netbeheer, Liander and Stedin.

The inventory is the process by which we collect data from potential claimants to assess whether there is sufficient basis to file a mass claim.

Questions about the inventory

By signing up, you will help us get a better idea of the scope of the problem. This may lead to the launch of a mass claim in which you can participate to recover your damages from the grid operator.

  1. You have applied for a connection with Enexis Netbeheer, Liander and Stedin.
  2. Your application has been accepted but not realised within 18 weeks.
  3. You incurred costs or suffered damage as a result.

Participation for the inventory is free of charge and without obligation. Only when a mass claim is started in which you wish to participate, costs may be involved. You will of course be informed of this in good time. An investor bears the costs for the process. Depending on the outcome of the claim, the investor may receive a share of the proceeds.

If there are enough participants, we set up a claim foundation that submits a joint claim. You will be informed about follow-up steps and your participation is non-binding until you officially register.

You can apply with your personal data. If you are applying on behalf of a company, you will need additional company information. Relevant documents will be requested at a later stage. Relevant documents might include your energy contract, letters or e-mail exchanges.

There are no direct risks associated with participating in the inventory, as it is a non-binding process.

After you register, an inventory will be made of how many victims have registered and whether it makes sense to set up a claims foundation for this purpose. You will be kept informed of progress and developments via a newsletter.

You can apply via the online application form on the website. Fill in all the requested details, at a later stage you can add relevant documents to support your claim.

You can apply until 1 October 2024. It is important to apply on time.

In the frequently asked questions section, you can find many answers. However, you can also register directly without any further obligations. In the portal, you can communicate with us efficiently, and you will stay informed of all developments through the portal and news updates.

After my application

You will receive important updates and developments by e-mail via a newsletter. In addition, we will keep the website up to date.

No, registering for the inventory does not oblige you to participate in any claim. You will receive further instructions when the claim is started to officially sign up for a claim to recover your damages from the grid operator.

Your data will only be used for surveying the size of the victims. When establishing a foundation, you will be contacted again to confirm your participation. Your data will be kept strictly confidential and used only if you consent to participate in the mass claim.

The duration of the survey may vary and depends on the number of interested parties, but we aim to inform you of the outcome within a few months.

Legal questions

A mass claim is a legal action where a large group of people bring claims against a party for the same cause, such as a product defect, misleading practices, environmental damage or, in your case, damage due to your grid operator not connecting you to the grid.

If there is sufficient interest during the survey, a claims foundation will be set up to recover damages from the three largest grid operators in the Netherlands on behalf of all those affected. This foundation will then submit a claim on behalf of all its participants who were similarly affected as a result of not being connected to the electricity grid or being connected too late, against the grid operators for compensation for the damage suffered. In this, the foundation is assisted by specialised lawyers from DeHaan Advocaten.

The foundation will always first try to reach a solution with the grid operators, outside a court of law. If that fails, a mass claim will still be submitted to the court. In this way, binding compensation arrangements for all will be achieved. The advantage of a mass claim compared to litigating as an individual is that there are virtually no costs for you as a participant. An investor will bear the costs of these legal proceedings. Signing up for the inventory is non-binding. Before the start of a mass claim, you will be informed about the next steps and your participation, for this you still need to officially sign up.

There are several reasons why it can be beneficial to participate in a mass claim:

  • Cost savings: Filing an individual lawsuit can be expensive. Sharing costs with other claimants makes legal representation more affordable.
  • Stronger case: A joint claim shows that the damage is widespread, which increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  • Efficiency: A single lawsuit can be faster and more efficient than thousands of individual cases.


Damages can vary. If you had to take emergency measures, such as renting a generator, or if you have double living expenses due to an uninhabitable house, you may be able to claim these costs as damages. is an initiative of DeHaan Lawyers and Notaries.

DeHaan Advocaten en Notarissen has extensive experience with mass damage and mass claims. DeHaan Advocaten en Notarissen has been involved in, among others:

  • Stichting WAG: The Stichting Waardevermindering door Aardbevingen Groningen (Stichting WAG) unites 5,000 homeowners from Groningen who are facing depreciation of their property as a result of the earthquakes caused by gas drilling.
  • Immaterial claim/NAM: This concerns a mass claim on compensation for immaterial damage (this is damage due to pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life) for about 5,500 victims in the Groningen earthquake area as a result of the earthquakes caused by gas extraction. The Supreme Court ruled in favour of the Groningers on 15 October 2021.
  • Stichting Nuon-claim Vattenfall: This foundation claims compensation on behalf of its participants for costs wrongfully charged by Nuon/Vattenfall to wholesale consumers.
  • De Teuge/Vitens residential area: proceedings brought by residents of De Teuge residential area against water company Vitens concerning compensation for damage caused by the unjust disconnection of heat/cold storage facilities.
  • Truck claim: This concerns a joint claim by several truck owners against various truck manufacturers to recover damages for the unjustifiably high purchase prices of trucks caused by cartelisation.


Together, we are stronger in our fight for fair electricity connections.


How can you participate?
Click on ‘Sign up’ to leave your contact information. Please indicate the grid operator against which your claim is directed, what damages you have suffered or expect to suffer, and whether you want to participate in the mass claim. Your registration is non-binding and your details will be treated confidentially.